About me

Hello! My name is Jacqueline Dotzenrod and I am running for Fargo Park Board. The election is June 14, 2022.

The election is only five days away now. Many citizens have already cast their votes via early voting or by mail-in ballot. As I reflect on the past months of my campaign, I feel a sense of pride and appreciation in my run for the Fargo Park Board.

My journey to this campaign began about ten years ago when I survived a brain injury that altered the course of my life. As a result of the injury, I lost the full use of the right side of my body, struggled to regain my ability to speak clearly, and for a long time I simply struggled to survive.

In my healing journey, I have had the help of physical therapists, speech therapists, a reflexologist, and other professionals. One physical therapist in particular gets on my case about going for daily walks. She assured me that I could come to their gym anytime they are open and use the treadmills – which got boring real quick!

So instead, I would head to a park and go for a walk in a beautiful outdoor space. Having a beautiful and safe outdoor space in which to exercise has helped me connect with my own inner strength and resilience. It would be an honor to help keep Fargo Parks a vibrant and incluse part of our community, so that all citizens can tap in to their own inner power and connect with one another through diverse programming opportunities.

I am proud that I have come so far to even be able to run a campaign like I have. Since I don’t have much money for ads or big billboards, I campaigned by attending community events. I got to engage with various neighborhood associations, civic organizations, business leaders, and diverse community members. These people have taught me so much about our city and what it means to live a life of service to others.

I am grateful to have met every single person I have encountered during this campaign. You have all taught me something valuable. While I do have hopes of winning a seat on the Fargo Park Board, I am a winner no matter what because of everything I have learned.

Thank you for your support and thank you for your vote! I hope we win so that I can get to work on making Fargo Parks even better by including restroom facilities for people who use mobility aids, playground equipment for children with disabilities, and reducing the burden on taxpayers by incorporating more community partnerships as well as getting additional grant funding for parks throughout our growing city.